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Academic integrity is everyone's responsibility

The Manitoba Academic Integrity Network (MAIN) is not in a position to comment on the specifics of the situation at Brandon University; however, this case highlights the need for greater awareness of inappropriate collaboration and ‘contract cheating’ (i.e., academic work completed by a third party) and its negative impact on students’ learning and fair assessment. Sharing course materials and buying completed academic work has become a growing unregulated industry, ostensibly aimed at helping students “succeed” in education, when in fact this industry often facilitates academic misconduct. Many online providers of course materials encourage students to share test questions, notes, and assignments in exchange for access to additional course materials, often violating educational institutions’ academic integrity policies and Canadian copyright law. Addressing contract cheating and other forms of academic misconduct, and upholding the values of academic integrity in higher education is everyone’s responsibility.

MAIN brings together students, educators, researchers, and administrators from post-secondary institutions across Manitoba to support initiatives for promoting academic integrity. MAIN also assists in organizing the Academic Integrity Inter-Institutional Meeting (AIIIM). The fourth annual AIIIM will take place at Red River College on May 27, 2020.

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